Welcome to the Santuari de Cura


The monastery Santuari de Cura is a spiritual, natural, cultural and heritage space. From the universal mallorquin, Ramon Llull, the veneration of the Virgin of Cura, through the actual presence of the Franciscans of the Third Regular Order, have turned this space into a place intimately linked to the history of Mallorca.

Cura is a place where quality and modernity of services and facilities are combined with tradition and history. In the last years we have worked to improve the comfort for our guests (new high quality rooms), the cuisine (one of the best menus of mallorcan and mediterranean food of the island), and continuing with actions to improve the service and reception of the monastery (Museum, meeting rooms, gift shop, etc).

We are between heaven and earth, with great views and a comfortable space makes us unique. We hope you enjoy the monastery Santuari de Cura and you have a pleasant stay.