Our restaurant, positioned with views towards the Bay of Palma, has a spacious interior dining area with a large window that converts nature into a work of living art. In addition to this, visitors can enjoy the beautiful terrace, surrounded by its outstanding arches built in the middle of the last century.

Since 1960, our ancestors have transmitted to us a large part of the knowledge and experience in the world of catering which we keep alive by adapting to current times and adding our personal touch.

Our culinary concept is strongly rooted in our homeland. On the one hand, we offer a traditional Majorcan cuisine, faithful to the recipes of our grandmothers and complemented with mountain dishes. A déjà-vu of the gastronomic childhood of the island, back to those times when people sat at the table for hours until one and all had calmly finished savouring that delicately slow-cooked homemade food. On the other hand, especially in the evening dinner service, our menu is complemented with Mediterranean dishes, in keeping with our philosophy of working with fresh, quality, local product.

We present all these dishes on modern tableware seeking an esthetically pleasing first impression which anticipates the pleasure of the first bite to be fulfilled later with the sense of taste.

We sincerely hope you enjoy a pleasant time with us and have a happy memory of your visit to the CURA Restaurant. Enjoy your meal!

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