Religious Life

The monastery of Cura is a marie monastery. The graceful and tiny statue of the virgin does not belong to the long tradition of virgins. More is it linked to former school, its was like their protectress for being mother who “Cura” (cares) of those children in the absence of their parents and families. His image and name are attached with the request of healing the souls and bodies of those who ask for it.

We wish to offer to all persons and groups an atmosphere of peace, prayer for those who want it, and a human dialogue that can start or continue a process of reconciliation and conversion with themselves, with others, with god and with the nature.

Since 1913 the responsability for the monastery have the Franciscans of the Third Regular Order (also called “Order of Penance”). The current mallorcan people know us as “els franciscans”. That’s why the Bishop of Mallorca, Pere Joan Campins, entrusted us with the mission of preserving the monastery.

The religious from Cura were characterized by a simple life, open to welcome and to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of this sacred mountain.

The Franciscans of Mallorca are also present in different parts of the island, San Francisco de Palma, La Portiuncula, Inca, Llucmajor, Arta, also a large number of them living in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, United States, Mexico or Peru.

Hour of service: Sundays at 12:00 am.