Ramon Llull

Still today, the people of Majorca relate the Cura mountain with Ramon Llull. The spirit of prayer, contemplation an the enthusiasm for his doctrine, you can still feel at our place.

Ramon Llull (about 1239 to 1316) was born in Majorca. He lived in a peaceful society in which moslems, jews and christians was realted and lived together. The base of his missionary impulse was to deepen with people from other cultures and religions.

Today, from Cura we want to continue in this spirit, which includes these characteristics:

  • CULTURE AND ART: All the beauty and truth in a human being must be admired and/or respected, beyond particularities, beliefs and ideologies. It is considered that everyone at the bottom, consciously or unconsciously, tends to total happiness.
  • LOVE OF OUR IDENTITY: Ramon Llull is a father of our culture and language. He helped to create them and he lived them with a receptive attitude towards other peoples, mentalities and languages.
  • ECUMENISM: Ramon Llull loved and believed in Christ. That’s why he had conversations with others who did not think or believe like him, offering the best of himself.
  • PERSONALISM: The impressive mountain of Cura invites to live Ramon Llull’s expierience discriped his book “Llibre de l’Amic i l’Amat” (The Book of the Lover and the Beloved).

More informations: http://www.rutasramonllull.com/en