The premises of the anterior Llullian School were rebuilt and a grammar school was set up in the ancient building, dated 1510 with an annual pension of 50 pounds, depending on the Dean and Councillors of the Llullian School established in the General Study of the Town.

The growth undergone by the Randa School caused the Jurymen of the Kingdom of Majorca, to facilitate and favour learning the young, to project the amplification of professorships and there set up a General Study where Grammar, Rhetoric and Greek would be taught. This was dealt with and agreed at the session of May at 1553.

At that time the foundations of the magnificent school hall were laid down, as efficient as ¡t is monumental, of the greatest solidity. In 1566 around one hundred pupils lived in the school. In 1588 there were already between one hundred and fifty and one hundred and sixty.

Behind the professor’s chair there was an altar dedicated to Saint Catherine, Virgin and Martyr, whose image was to be seen in a painting; she was the student’s Patron Saint.

In XIX century witnessed the final process of decadence witch the political authorities allowed the School to take. On January 25th 1826, Juan Pablo Abrines handed in his resignation as the school’s last professor. His resignation was accepted.

Today certain religious objects and books relating to the cult are still preserved in the Grammar Hall; there are also other books, printings or manuscripts related with Llullism; others, of different subjects, have their relative antiquity as common denominator. Also, a collection of paintings of fundamentally religious type hangs on the wall. There are shelves containing different representation of Ramon Llull and a small collection of typical Majorcan earthenware pots.

There are also two small rooms, one with plans and partial and global projects of buildings; the other contains different objects and articles of various uses and origins worthy of note is the collection of Licor Randa bottles, for a long time made in the Sanctuary and also a valuable copy of a map of Majorca.